ND Military Acedemic Advisory Council

The Council will be called the North Dakota Military Acedemic Affairs Council.

It is authorized by the Memorandum of Understanding between the Chancellor of the North Dakota University System (NDUS) and the Commissioner of the North Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs (NDDVA) and will serve at the pleasure of the Chancellor and the Commissioner.


 II.       Purpose


The Council is created for the purpose of addressing the issues military students and veterans face when returning to academia and shall limit its activities to advising the Chancellor and Commissioner on matters that directly concern general understandings as listed in the Memorandum of Understanding. The specific issues for the Council may include the following:

--Provide college and university staff and faculty training on veterans who face integration issues or mental/behavior health challenges which can affect their performance in school, work, and relationships.

--Create a standardized system that can evaluate and award credit for life experiences and military classes.

--Actively market to out of state veterans to attend North Dakota universities and colleges.

-Identify potential veterans as they apply for admissions and provide greater educational guidance.

--Provide assistance to veterans attending ND colleges and universities as well as veterans and their dependents who may be eligible for various educational benefits.


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