NDCC 37-19.1-02 Public employment preference to veterans - Residency requirements.


Veterans are entitled to preference, over all other applicants, in recruitment and selection processes by governmental agencies, provided that such veteran is a United States citizen at the time of application for employment. Veterans qualified for preference may not be disqualified from holding any position with an agency because of physical or mental disability, unless the disability renders them unable to properly perform the duties of the position applied for.

NDCC 37-19.1-01 Definitions. 

As used in this chapter:

"9. "Veteran" means an individual who:

  1. a. Is a veteran as defined in subsection 1 of section 37-01-40; or  

  1. b. Is serving in or has been honorably discharged from the national guard or a reserve unit."


This means that veteran's preference will apply to those that either have active-duty service, honorable active-duty service, or honorable discharge from the national guard or reserves unit.