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This book was published pursuant to Section 37-03-12 of the North Dakota Century Code and Chapter 84, of the 1979 Session Laws. It is a military record of residents of the State of North Dakota and those individuals who entered the military service from the State of North Dakota, even though a bona fide residency has not been established.

Only those persons who served honorably for minimum of 60 days during the period 5 August 1964 and 28 January 1973 inclusive are listed. This period has been deemed as wartime service for the purpose of this compilation.  Periods of service beginning prior to and ending after the above period, when extending through such period, are also included, when known, to compile a more complete record of service.

Dates of service are based upon documents submitted by the individual for payment of the bonus authorized under Section 37-24-08 North Dakota Century Code and other documents on file in the office of the Adjutant General. Funding provided by the 46th Legislative Assembly, and the Provisions of the Privacy Act, precludes any research beyond that compiled by those designated for that purpose.