Current National Guard members and retired members of 20 or more years of service are eligible for these distinctive plates for vehicle or motorcycle.

A registrant must contact the Adjutant General's office to be assigned a National Guard license plate number. They will issue a form listing the plate number assigned and the individual eligible.

SFN 2872 Application for Certificate of Title form must be completed, signed and returned with the form from the National Guard and the one-time $5.00 fee. Personalized plates are available with a maximum of four (4) characters (to include spaces) the fees due would be the one time $5.00 plus the annual personalized plate fee of $25.00.

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Upon termination of the registrant's eligibility, the registrant shall return the distinctive number plates to the Motor Vehicle Division, who shall issue a replacement plate for a fee of $5.00.

Visit the ND Department of Transportation FAQ website for more information.

NDCC 39-04-10.8. National Guard number plates

The director, in cooperation with the adjutant general, shall issue distinctive number plates to members of the national guard. A plate issued under this section must bear the national guard insignia designated by the adjutant general and the letters "NG" before the number. The director may issue the plates to the owner of a passenger motor vehicle or a truck the registered gross weight of which does not exceed twenty thousand pounds [9071.84 kilograms], or a motorcycle. On request of the director, the adjutant general shall certify those members of the national guard eligible to receive the plates.

On payment of all other fees required under this chapter for registration of the motor vehicle, and payment of an additional fee of not more than five dollars to cover the cost of issuing the distinctive number plates, the applicant is entitled to issuance of the distinctive number plates. A registrant is eligible for distinctive number plates under this section if the registrant is a member of the national guard or if the registrant has retired from the national guard after twenty years or more of military service. On termination of the registrant's eligibility, the registrant shall return the distinctive number plates to the director, who shall reissue for a fee of not more than five dollars another number plate to which that registrant is entitled under this chapter. The director and adjutant general shall cooperate in establishing procedures to implement this section.