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The N.D. Veterans Affairs Commissioner Lonnie Wangen worked an agreement between ND Dept. of Veterans Affairs and the Bottineau County Veterans, Inc. on the disposition of a sub-receipt of the van under the transportation of Highly Rural Areas Grant Program.  The 2015 Dodge Handicap Van built by the Braun Corporation (Conversation).  Through Myron Langehaugh, Committee Member of ACOCA ( Administrative Committee on Veterans Affairs) for North Dakota, who was appointed to the committee by the N.D Governor receives the Van along with Reggie Myhr, Bottineau County Veterans Van Coordinator - 701-228-2115 and Al Wondrasek, Director, Bottineau County Veterans, Inc.  The van is located at the NEW Bottineau County Veterans Memorial Building,  104 North Main Street, Bottineau, ND.  Any Bottineau County Veteran that needs a ride for an appointment needs to contact Reggie Myhr at the Bottineau Veterans Memorial Hall at 701-228-2115.

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