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COVID-19 vaccines at VA

All Veterans, their spouses and caregivers, and CHAMPVA recipients can now get a COVID-19 vaccine at VA.

How to get a COVID-19 vaccine at VA

Here’s how to get your vaccine at a VA health facility near you:

  • Visit a VA health facility near you, go to the facility's vaccine clinic during walk-in hours. Be sure to check the walk-in hours before you go. When you arrive, you may need to wait for the staff to prepare your vaccine.
  • Or call the facility to schedule an appointment. Our staff will help you find a time that’s

convenient for you.

Here’s what to know before you arrive:

  • If you don't receive care at VA, we encourage you to pre-register online at least 1 hour before you go to a walk-in clinic. This will save you time when you arrive.

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  • Everyone who enters a VA facility must wear a mask and complete our COVID-19 symptom screening.

Find VA facilities near you that offer COVID-19 vaccines

Where we offer vaccines

We offer COVID-19 vaccines at many VA health facilities and clinics.

Find your nearest VA facility that offers COVID-19 vaccines

Urgent care locations and retail pharmacies in our community care network also offer COVID- 19 vaccines to Veterans. These locations follow their local, state, or territory vaccine plans.

Veterans don’t receive priority over others seeking vaccines at these locations.

If you’re enrolled in VA health care and you go to a community care location to get a COVID-19 vaccine, download our pharmacy billing flyer (PDF). Show the card to the provider before you get your vaccine.

Learn more about how to get a COVID-19 vaccine from a community provider

We encourage you to take the first opportunity you have to get a vaccine at the most

convenient location for you.

Find other vaccine providers near you on the CDC vaccine finder website

Not ready to get your vaccine yet?

You can sign up online to stay informed about your vaccine options. We'll send you updates about our vaccine plans and other helpful information.

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To get more information about COVID-19 vaccine safety go to the CDC website:

CDC: Key things to know about COVID-19 vaccines

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