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The Minnesota Dental Foundation and the Minnesota Dental Association will be partnering with the North Dakota Dental Foundation and the North Dakota Dental Association to host the fifth-annual Mission of Mercy event in July, 2016.
The Minnesota Mission of Mercy (MnMOM) is a dental outreach event focused on providing free dental services to patients facing insurmountable barriers to care.
In particular, the MnMOM program focuses on:
 1. Providing free dental care, especially to patients with dental infections and/or pain.
 2. Raising awareness of the barriers to dental care faced by low-income adults and children.
 3. Challenging state policymakers and dental professionals to work together to improve the oral health of all Minnesota residents, particularly those low-income patients who have been promised care by the state.
Key Facts
The event takes place on July 22-23, 2016, at Concordia College Memorial Auditorium, 901 8th St. S., Moorhead, MN.
1,000+ dental professionals and community volunteers are needed
Set up: July 21
Patient treatment: July 22-23
Tear down: July 23 (evening)
The goal is to serve 2,000 patients during the two-day event.
Patients will be treated on a first-come, first-served basis; hundreds of patients typically line up outside the night before.
Dental services provided will include: cleanings, fillings, extractions, root canals in selected teeth, stainless steel crowns for children, and limited lab work (treatment partials).
Dental services not provided include: crowns or root canals on molars, implants, full dentures.
Oral hygiene education will be provided during the event.
Financial donations and in-kind contributions will fully fund the event; it is expected that the event costs will total $215,000 (a complete list of donors can be found on the Mission of Mercy website at
Delta Dental of Minnesota Foundation is the signature sponsor.