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Life's a lot easier when you have a reliable mode of transportation.

Some veterans in McKenzie County didn't have it, which made it difficult to go to their doctor's appointments.
Jerry Samelson traveled all over the world during his 21 years serving in the Navy, and he's still serving others to this day.
"Anytime you can help people, it's pretty much self rewarding," Samelson said.
He's been the veteran service officer for the last 18 years. He helps take veterans go to appointments at the VA Hospitals in Fargo, as well as Hot Springs and Sturgis, S.D. But before, he had to take his own vehicle.
"It's very difficult when you don't have a vehicle that's handicap accessible and I have had to do that many times in the past. You know helping, a less mobile veteran into my own personal car," Samelson said.
Now, Samelson doesn't have to go through all that trouble because McKenzie County Veterans Service acquired this van that's wheelchair accessible.
The van will now help vets go to appointments across the state. It'll be a cost effective solution for most veterans.
"You have to go down a day before, we rent at least two rooms and I pay that out of my pockets. If Jerry can do it, then that be all right too. Be a lot cheaper for me," said veteran Kenneth Kummer.
The veterans office is counting on a $50,000 federal grant to hire drivers, buy insurance and to pay for maintenance.

By Gurajpal Sangha

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