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ND Department of Veterans Affairs (NDDVA) Announces the “Commissioners Challenge” on Suicide Prevention

Fargo, N.D. (July 1, 2019) – The North Dakota Commissioner of Veterans Affairs is challenging all Organization Leaders in North Dakota to accept the Challenge of ensuring their members complete the S.A.V.E. training to help prevent Veteran suicides.

"The military along with many other organizations provide First Aid training to its members. First Aid training saves lives in Medical Emergencies, S.A.V.E. training saves lives in Behavioral  Health Emergencies" (Commissioner Lonnie Wangen).

This Challenge involves only two steps (about 25 minutes of your time).

First step: Add the below contact information to your phone so you are prepared to help


PHONE:                        800-273-8255 (24-hour suicide lifeline) press 1 for veterans

WEBSITE:                     http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org

TEXT:                           838-255 to chat

Instant Message:           veteranscrisisline.net/chat

Second step: Register and complete the 23 minute online training at: https://psycharmor.org/sign-up/ndsave/?gid=351472&unDaDziBt7dbY

The S.A.V.E. video was a collaborative effort between the Veterans Administration and PsychArmor Institute, designed to empower viewers with the basic knowledge of what the signs may be for someone who is struggling with thoughts of suicide and it provides ideas on how to help.  While the video refers to Veterans, the principles are universal, so let's make a difference in North Dakota with S.A.V.E.!!

*Organizations may request in person training: 


Will your organization, business, agency take the Commissioners Challenge? Let us know at:


The Commissioner’s Challenge is conducted in partnership with PsychArmor Institute, and in collaboration with FirstLink of ND, the ND National Guard, and ND Cares.

For more information, call NDDVA at 701-239-7165 or ND Cares at 701-333-2012

NDDVA Website:  https://www.nd.gov/veterans/benefits/commissioners-challenge-suicide-prevention

ND Cares Website: https://www.ndcares.nd.gov/

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