Fargo, ND September 10, 2014 –HeartSprings Community Healing Center of Fargo has completed a study/interview with ten veterans, spanning the Vietnam, Gulf, and Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom Wars.  These veterans are living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and have difficulty sleeping. 

In a one month study, veterans tracked their sleep for two weeks without the pillow and two weeks with the specialized pillow called the Dreampad.  They found they could fall asleep faster, get back to sleep after a nightmare, or reduce the stress of the nightmare and the accompanying symptoms with the Dreampad.  In three month follow-up interviews with participants, results seemed to maintain or deepen after usage.  

Comments included:

C.S. “I use the pillow three times a week.  It helps me get back to sleep within 10-15 minutes instead of hours like it used to.”
G.B. “That pillow was great!  I’d recommend it to anyone! I am using it every night and it helps me fall asleep.  I have nightmares 3-4 times a week and the Dreampad helps me get back to sleep sooner than before.” 
B.K. “I use the Dreampad every night.  It’s reduced the time it takes to fall asleep.  It is calming and reduces my anxiety!  I have less frequent nightmares and it helps in falling back to sleep.”
J.S. “I LOVE that pillow! I am sleeping almost all night, every night for six hours!” 

For more information about HeartSprings Community Healing Center and the Dreampad visit “Press Release” at www.heartspringscenter.com