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The Vietnam Veterans of America will be having their annual Picnic on July 19-21, 2024, at Van Hook Park and Resort in New Town, North Dakota. This event is for all Veterans who served between November 1, 1955, to May 15, 1975, in any location around the world. 

All Veterans, families and friends are welcome and there will be lots to do along with socializing. There will also be food for all who come. The "Crowning Feed" will be on the Casino's Riverboat during a three-hour cruise on Saturday afternoon from 3-6pm. The state meeting is on 10am Saturday morning and they will have information posted every day at the Van Hook Park area. 

If you have not received your 50-year Commemoration Pin, Presidential Proclamation and North Dakota Commemoration Coin (celebrating the end of the Vietnam War Era), there will be a sign-up registration sheet for you to provide: Name, Branch of Service, Years of Service.

For more information contact

  • Dave Hilleren - 701-690-9035
  • Jerome Jarski - 701-421-3077
  • Dave Siira - 701-421-7050
  • Ed Ennis - 701-570-2981

Accommodations are available as well

  • Little Missouri Inn - 701-627-4488
  • Teddy's Residential Inn - 701-627-2420
  • Territorial Inn - 701-627-2500
  • Four Bears Casino - 800-294-5454
  • Van Hook Camping - 627-3377
  • New Town Marina Camping - 701-627-3900
  • Brendles Bay Camping - 701-862-3611


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