The Veterans Aid Fund is a permanent fund to be used solely for the purpose of making loans to veterans or their widow/widowers.

To qualify, the applicant is required to be:

  • a peacetime veteran, or
  • a wartime veteran, or
  • Current or former reservists or National Guard members as defined in NDCC 37-14-01.1,


  • an un-remarried widow/widower of a qualified veteran


  • a resident of North Dakota for at least one year
  • and have the financial ability to make payments

The maximum loan amount is $5,000. The interest rate is 8% per annum. Term limit can be from six months to 48 months.

One half of the interest paid will be refunded provided the loan is repaid under the agreed upon terms.

The Department has the right to take legal action to collect on delinquent loans.

Contact your Veterans Service Officer to apply.