The fee for the plates is $25. Of which $15 will be donated to the Impact Support our Veterans Fund. See below “Purpose of the fund” to learn more. You will be assessed $25 when you renew your plates. Your plate renewal date will not change from the date you currently have. You can personalize the plates for an additional $25 (optional-as with any plate) with up to 5 characters. You will receive a new “expiration date” sticker with your new plates, which will be adjusted to your current plate expiration. Not available for motor cycle plates at this time. Must be a passenger vehicle not exceeding twenty thousand pounds.

Directions to Complete Application for "Support our Veterans" License Plates

Complete SFN 54397 (pdf) Application for Organization Plate

Name of Organization:
Impact Support our Veterans Fund

4141 28th Ave S
Fargo ND 58104

Complete applicant and vehicle information

Personalized plate, optional for additional $25 fee, up to 5 letters and numerals.

Renewal Fee:
Add any renewal fees if you are renewing at this time. If you are not renewing skip this step.

Sign and date form

Include payment:
$25 Fee - Add $25 if you are requesting Personalized plates. And your renewal fee if applicable

Write check to:

Mail to:
Motor Vehicle Division
ND Department of Transportation
608 E Boulevard Ave
Bismarck ND 58505-0780

Application form SFN 54397 (pdf)

Questions: 701-239-7165

Purpose of the Fund:
The Impact Support our Veterans Fund was established to provide resources for emergency needs of North Dakota veterans and their eligible dependents. Emergency needs of veterans may include but are not limited to dental care, vision, hearing, transportation for medical treatment and other special needs as approved by the Fund Advisors.

Visit the website to learn more about the fund.