100% or 100% Due to Individual Unemployability


THIS LIST IS NOT ALL INCLUSIVE! It is provided as a reference only!

Contact a Veterans Service Officer for assistance in determining the benefits you may be eligible for.



  • Group 1 priority in the VAHCS
    • No co-pay for non-service connected conditions or prescription drugs
  • Annual Clothing Allowance
    • Service-connected Veterans who must wear a prescribed device that causes their clothing to wear or tear, or if clothing is damaged due to use of a topical ointment
  • Specially Adapted Homes
    • may be awarded for improvements or structural alterations needed to access home or essential bathroom facilities
  • Medical treatment in non-VA facilities with a fee-basis card for any medical condition
  • Hearing aids and glasses (generally service-connected, other restrictions or conditions apply)
  • Automobile Grant and/or Adaptive Equipment
    • may be eligible for a one-time payment of not more than $18,900 toward the purchase of an automobile or other conveyance (restrictions and conditions apply)
  • Any needed dental care
  • Annual eye exams and prescribed eyewear
  • Emergency treatment in non-VA facilities (if VA facilities are unavailable)


  • Funding fee waived for Home Loan Guaranty
  • Travel allowance (25 miles or more) for scheduled appointment for care of service-connected condition(s).
  • Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance
  • Additional allowances for dependents, including spouses, minor children, children between the ages of 18 and 23 who are attending school, children who are permanently incapable of self-support because of a disability arising before age 18, and dependent parents.
  • Additional allowance for a spouse who is in need of the aid and attendance of another person
  • Additional Monetary Benefits for Eligible Military Retirees (Concurrent Retirement and Disability Pay (CRDP))
  • Unlimited commissary and exchange store privileges